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IS YOUR contact centre really delivering results?

Do you really know how effective your telephone activity is? No? Then let us help you understand what’s driving inbound calls and where service can improve.


Link-Connect’s SMART-Voice solution provides detailed insight into every aspect of your call activity. Whether presented via wallboards for all to see, or via management dashboards and user generated reports, SMART-Voice’s reporting platform enables informed decision making. This in turn enables better allocation of call centre resources, identification of areas for process improvement and ultimately provides the real-time and in-depth knowledge needed to provide the best possible experience to your customers.

Deep, real-time insight

With SMART Voice, you can instantly see what needs to be changed to improve customer service. In addition, it is easy to monitor KPIs such as time to answer, abandonment and call length, and to drill down on more detailed information to:

  • Optimise resources by identifying, and planning for peaks and troughs in demand
  • Streamline call routing by identifying bottlenecks and pinch points
  • React in real-time to peaks in demand and ensure key call routes into the business are kept open.
  • Access real-time traffic information and receive notifications via your mobile, so you’re aware of issues wherever you are.


Is your PBX is on its last legs? Before you replace it take a look at our VoIP solution, which offers a cost-effective way to update your essential business telephony.

Not only does VoIP provide an easy and scalable way to manage your fixed and mobile telephony, it also provides additional benefits, which your end-users will love.


We work with companies in sectors as diverse as Construction, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail and Manufacturing. But most importantly, we know that every company and every requirement are unique so no matter what your company does, we’ll be delivering the right solution for you.

Below are a few of the companies we help: