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Then look no further. With Link-Connect’s VoIP solutions all your customers’ call and messaging history can be accurately synced to your CRM platform.

Link-Connect SMART-Voice

Smart-Voice integrates with over 20 of the top CRM platforms, including Salesforce and MS Dynamics. This, and many other features mean for inbound calls, your sales and support staff can access key contact information quickly, gaining additional customer insights and building a complete picture of contact history. SMART-Voice makes your staff more efficient and every call more profitable.

Features of SMART-Voice include:

  • Call Preview – enables users to prepare for an outbound call so they have all relevant information to hand in advance and can deliver a more personal customer experience.
  • Click to Dial – enables your CRM users to make calls instantly and accurately from the information on their screen
  • Contact History – full details of call history, both inbound and outbound, can be recorded in the CRM and retrieved easily by staff handling subsequent calls with that customer.
  • Voice & Data Transfer – if a customer needs to be transferred, the call and the customer’s CRM record can be transferred simultaneously so the receiving agent has all the information required to handle the customer’s enquiry.
  • Integration with MS Skype for Business (Lync) – Takes individual users’ presence status into account when rerouting calls. This improves operational efficiency and ensures customers are not needlessly kept waiting.


Is your PBX is on its last legs? Before you replace it take a look at our VoIP solution, which offers a cost-effective way to update your essential business telephony.

Not only does VoIP provide an easy and scalable way to manage your fixed and mobile telephony, it also provides additional benefits, which your end-users will love.


We work with companies in sectors as diverse as Construction, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail and Manufacturing. But most importantly, we know that every company and every requirement are unique so no matter what your company does, we’ll be delivering the right solution for you.

Below are a few of the companies we help: