SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking is a popular form of VoIP that is very popular in call centres, and customer support departments. This is because it directly connects phone systems to a network, resulting in high-performance bandwidth and communications.

Read on to find out the 5 key benefits of SIP Trunking for large businesses.

SIP (Session Initial Protocol) Trunks are an ideal replacement for traditional ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) systems – which are being turned off in 2025.

Whilst installing SIP Trunks (and the data connections needed to convert traditional calls to SIP) benefits all businesses, here are the top five benefits larger businesses – and in most cases you can keep your existing phone system.

1. Flexibility and reliability

SIP Trunking is perfect for delivering Unified Communications where emails, instant messaging and video conferencing are made available across a range of devices – offering incredible functionality and flexibility. Once users are familiar with the system they will be more productive and able to utilise the best means of communication at any given time.

SIP Trunking also provides flexibility in terms of businesses growth.  The number of channels can be increased to meet call traffic demand; this can be done online without the need for a site visit to physically install new lines. In addition, the lines can be increased or decreased to match seasonal fluctuations in business. The connection and performance is extremely reliable and it can be easily tailored to your usage.

2. Return on investment (cost efficiency)

One of the most important considerations for your telephony is of course cost – the bottom line being your monthly / quarterly budget. With SIP your business will save money, possibly in the region of 30 to 60%.

With SIP you save money because:

  • Call charges are considerably reduced with FREE calls inclusive in SIP packages.
  • Installation and setup costs are reduced due to the simplicity of the lines and the flexibility of only needing an IP circuit connected to your system.
  • SIP channels provide dedicated voice circuits that are more cost effective in the long term than traditional ISDN lines in terms of installation and rental costs.
  • SIP trunking doesn’t use the traditional voice network for calls.
  • Transparent and flexible costs allow you to pay just for what you need so you have no wasted budget; you just pay for the number of channels required on a monthly basis.
  • In many instances you will have the option of retaining your old phone system, which means you can benefit from SIP without the cost of replacing handsets and learning a new system.
3. Advanced features

SIP enables you to benefit from a number of features to improve your communications and impress clients with a high level of professionalism, including advanced call forwarding and re-routing services.

An intuitive dashboard gives you access to reports and performance statistics that can lead to increased productivity by highlighting areas of improvement.

4. Mobility – no more missed calls

When staff are out of the office it’s easier and more professional if they can be contacted on the same number they use in the office, which SIP enables easily. When their office number is called, the call can go straight through to their mobile no matter where they are in relation to the office. This also saves time and removes the hassle of giving out mobile numbers and potentially missing an important call.

This also impacts productivity as employees can work flexible hours and be contactable at all appropriate times.

5.Multi-site and international functionality

Larger businesses that operate across multiple sites can benefit from the same SIP capabilities and provide a uniform telecoms experience for their staff and clients. This is an added bonus for brand conformity and provides consistency and improves trust with customers – essential in competitive service areas.

This is true for both UK multi-sites and international multi-sites and is a huge benefit when your business grows and a smooth expansion is desirable. As your communications function across IP, it can simply be configured to your needs. For example, if you want to contact a client from London but are working from a Manchester office, you can choose to present a London number, to appear local to the area you are calling.

In addition, you can use the same number across multiple sites without frustrating forwarding systems and additional costs. This is useful when business growth requires a site move to larger premises. This number can also be non-geographic.

What do you need for SIP Trunking?
  • Quality or dedicated broadband
  • Arrangement with a SIP Trunk Provider
  • A SIP Trunk compatible phone system
  • Secure computer network

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