Server hugger or ready for Cloud Comuting?

Are you a Secret Server Hugger?

In our experience, many companies are beginning to recognise the benefits of cloud computing.  However, we still find many others where the comfort of a physical appliance is still de rigueur.

Months of debate with the finance director are appeased by the warm glow of flashing lights and dull hum of the whirring fans. Not to mention the sense of security brought by the fact that your data is right down the corridor.  Yes, cloud computing is less tangible and it takes a degree of faith to really appreciate the benefits on offer. However, once it is fully understood, it opens a world of opportunity to your business.

Budgeting and cost savings

Consider a move to a model where your monthly spend on infrastructure tracks your business plan. A wholesale shift to operational costs is rapidly making IT budgeting a far less painful affair.

For years, the topic of further capital expense and additional hardware has been awkward at best. The common disparity being between what the business needs and what it can afford. Investments typically came at a point when the existing hardware had not quite depleted, resulting in waste.  However an even worse scenario was replacement owing to failure – resulting in a forced spend will little time to evaluate the options.


The organic growth of a business can result in pools of infrastructure and data storage across the estate.  Each of these silos carry their own administrative headaches and overheads. The duplication of business processes is an inefficiency that can be quickly addressed by Link-Connect’s Private Cloud Service.

In safe hands

The key reservation around cloud computing services is that of security. After all, your data is the life-blood of your business, and this is a fact we understand and respect. As a security specialist, Link-Connect provides a dedicated and secure environment for your business applications and data.  Underpinned by Next Generation Security, it is our responsibility to ensure the integrity of your solution and the service availability at all times.

We have seen the uptake of cloud computing by businesses soar a trend we expect to continue. To help you realise the benefits of cloud computing we would love to talk to you about your plans to stop hugging the servers and instead embrace the cloud.

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