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Want to run your key business applications virtually?

You don’t need to be an expert to know that Microsoft programmes keep most businesses running. With Microsoft in the Cloud, widely used applications such as Exchange and the Office suite of programmes can be managed cost-effectively and efficiently. With virtual servers, the days of the company-wide email outage are a thing of the past. Also, running apps from the Cloud can improve accessibility for mobile workers and remote offices, and minimise the upheaval caused by rolling out traditional updates. That also frees up a lot more time for your IT team to focus on other things.

But aren’t all cloud solutions equal?

No. With Link-Connect’s private Cloud combined with Microsoft’s public Cloud solutions such as Hosted Exchange, Office 365 and Azure, you’re able to enjoy all the benefits of the hybrid Cloud. We can design solutions with fast accessibility from any location while adding the security and control of a private network. What’s more, we look after the day-to-day management, ensuring your Cloud network and all the apps and data you house in it, are running at optimum efficiency 100% of the time.


Do you have a clear view of the Microsoft apps and services you rely on now and will need to in the future? Do you have the time to understand how to really get the best of them from the Cloud? We’ll work through a detailed strategic roadmap, aligned with your wider business plan to ensure that your move to Microsoft in the Cloud gives you all the functionality and protection you need now, and space to grow in future.

Managed migration

Whether you’re planning to move your Exchange server to the Cloud or adopting full Office 365 across your business, doing it yourself can be a significant drain on your internal resources. What’s more, getting things wrong can have major implications for your end-users. We manage this process for you so you can relax, get on with the day job, and rest easy knowing that everything is in hand.

Our experience: Sunderland Marine

All of Sunderland Marine’s remote sites in the countries in which it operates accessed the corporate servers in the UK for
business critical data and information, placing strain on the infrastructure and creating a single point of failure.

To address these performance and resilience issues, Link-Connect replaced the local server infrastructure with its Private Cloud solution.


Most companies rely on secure communication with remote offices, mobile workers, clients and suppliers to run effectively.

The Cloud brings clear cost and management advantages – but also new challenges in terms of security, connectivity and data backup.

To maximise the benefits and reduce the risk, Link-Connect engineers work with you through the transition into the Cloud to inspire confidence and ensure minimum business disruption.


We work with companies in sectors as diverse as Healthcare, Automotive, Retail and Manufacturing. But most importantly, we know that every company and every requirement are unique so no matter what your company does, we’ll be delivering the right solution for you.

Below are a few of the companies we help: