Graham McLean, Link-Connect Managing Director, explains how understanding your network traffic and being able to control it can reduce unnecessary investment.

“Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile”

Abu Bakr, 573 – 634 AD

That may have been said a very long time ago, but it is still very true today.
If you have no idea of the traffic on your network how do you know whether you need to buy more bandwidth, improve your traffic shaping or adjust your usage policies?

With an increase in the use of Social Media, video streaming and live sport action can you be sure where your bandwidth is going?

Sure, sometimes there is a legitimate need to access Social Media sites, perhaps researching sales leads or planning marketing or recruitment campaigns.

But all to often it will be looking at the joke or video of the day or uploading photos.

With a Wide Area Network from Link-Connect you will benefit form a secure and resilient system tailored to your business needs. And, in addition, you can access the knowledge and control delivered through our Management Centre.


*    Monitor traffic across your network not just at the Internet gateway.
*    Analyse network activity down to a user or application level.
*    Access your billing and usage information and support tickets.
*    Share network usage data with department heads to help manage performance, costs and productivity.


*    Set the usage priority your business and users need.
*    Set security and web access policies to reflect your business rules – tailored by department or individual.
*    Encrypt all traffic.
*    Centrally control Internet access.
*    Segment different traffic types.

The introduction of real time statistics, granular controls and traffic priority will reduce the need for bandwidth investment and enhance your control of the network’s performance.

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