Hosting suppliers come in various shapes and sizes and with various offerings. So what are the key benefits of taking a virtual hosting approach?
1) Increased scalability and flexibility

The portions of the system that can be used by your virtual machines form basic building blocks, which can be multiplied up and allocated as required. The storage element is made available in bite-sized chunks, which can be spread around multiple virtual servers to meet your requirements. These allocations are able to flex up and down at pre-arranged intervals to maximize use and availability.

Using a modular approach for the purchase of space means servers can be deployed in a more granular manner since you are no longer constrained by your physical hardware resources.

Virtual hosting solutions move with your business needs, including the set-up of new servers and the reallocation of resources.

2) Improved resiliency

The infrastructure is designed with high up-time and availability in mind and to ensure the failure of disks, blades and network connections will not impact the service.

In the event of a failure the customer server is restarted on another blade. This means an outage would last for only a few minutes rather than taking several days – the time it might take to rebuild or restore a server from a backup. Planned outages of blades and storage are carefully managed and do not result in any downtime of the service.

3) Faster to deploy new servers

There is no need to buy additional hardware and no internal resources are needed to deploy a new service – which means new servers can be deployed very quickly. This results in a more efficient and nimble IT department, which can quickly respond to changing business needs.

4) Reduced overheads

Less hardware is required, which means costs to purchase, configure, maintain and support it are all reduced. The ability to use industry standard systems (e.g. email) without any of the overheads associated with managing the hardware and software cuts costs. In addition, a ‘pay as you go’ model, based on the number of users live at any given time, offers cost savings and flexibility.

5) Its green!

Virtual hosting reduces the physical space, power, and cooling required when compared to the use of physical servers – which also reduces costs.

Link-Connect offers you a hosted service based around a fully managed, secure and resilient virtual environment.

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