Graham McLean, Link-Connect Managing Director, helps you spot the difference between managed private Cloud providers, like Link-Connect, and public Cloud suppliers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft Azure.

We have all been there – whether its a decision on a new car, new music system or a holiday – wading through the specifications, pricing and terms & conditions to make sure you are making the right decision before you buy can be un-nerving!

We have found our customers feel the same about stepping into the Cloud –
it’s confusing, daunting and a little scary!

Here is a simple comparison chart that shows the key differences between public and
private providers.

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  Private Cloud Benefit Public Cloud Benefit
Location of data Trusted

Exclusively hosted in Tier3+ UK Datacentres

Security Compliance Unknown

Datacentres globally dispersed in low cost hosting locations

Security Managed

Fully managed service. We can apply the same industry leading security solution on-premise and in the Cloud.

Peace of mind Your responsibility

You are responsible for the security – and you may need to purchase additional tools for compatibility

Hyper-visor Industry Standard

VMware is the longest standing, and most mature hyper-visor available.   By adopting VMware we not only gain the stability and management benefits that it offers, but also can simplify the process of migrating customer solutions into the platform.

Combat immature technology and improve ease of migration Open source or in-house

Most public Cloud providers adopt open source or in house developed hyper-visors to cut costs and increase margins. This sacrifices the stability and maturity of industry standard hyper-visors, such as VMware, and means existing customer solutions must be built from scratch or converted – an issue that will re-occur if the solution is moved.

Availability On-Net

As a WAN provider we can provide a Cloud environment as an additional site within customers’ networks using low-latency, private links, with Quality-of-Service controls.

Security Compliance Performance Internet

Making the solution available over the internet reduces the initial implementation time and removes connectivity being clearly seen as an associated cost when choosing to move to the Cloud


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